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Time out settings for a Web Services Client in Axis2

March 7, 2012


Time out can happen at the client end or the server side … If you are sure* it is the client end then … Use setTimeout(int timeoutInMilliseconds) in org.apache.axis.client.Stub class you will find in your Service Locator class * Client end timeouts should usually see the following exception¬†¬† Read timed out … else it may […]

Logging using Log4j in an Axis2 Web Service

February 1, 2012


Did u want to turn on logging using Log4j for u’r Axis2 based web service? Adding to the class path in the webservice or the .aar won’t work. You will need to append / edit the log4j in the axis2/WEB-INF\classes\ file … because axis2 is the web application running using the file in it’s […]