Solr vs Hibernate Search

Posted on May 7, 2011


We are looking to implement indexing in our site and evaluated SolrJ (The java client library to access Lucene) and Hibernate Search (that also uses Lucene).

Hibernate was very a tempting option given we already use Hibernate as the ORM. It just seems so elegant and simple. Also Hibenate takes care of updation to the index and not requiring us to explicitly run that … making the index near real time.

But in the end we went with SolrJ … because it supports Faceted Search results and Geo Spatial search results. (Later can be used for LBS and is a feature of Solr 3.1).

(Hibernate Search supports 1:1 facets and not 1:M facets … )

I guess SolrJ will always stay more current and cutting edge than Hibernate Search.

Link to SolrJ

Link to Solr

Link to Solr Geo Spacial Search

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